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During the pre-colombian civilization, the cocoa beans were often used as exchange currency, for bartering, paying taxes and slaves , from 1000 years before J.C.

For example, a Zontli was equal to 400 beans, meanwhile 8000 beans were equal to a Xiquipili.

In the Mexican hieroglyphics, a basket containing 8000 beans symbolized the 8000 number.

Late in 1576,  it was necessary to obtain 1200 beans to make a Mexican peso.

The azteques used a system in which a turkey cost a 100 of cocoa beans and 3 beans for a fresh avocado.

The cocoa was reserved for nobles and consumed in drinks, chocolate, diluted in water to which was added in particular, pepper and cuckoos ( to give it a red colour) that mixture was vigorously beaten to form a  thick foam on its surface.

The Mayas, used it mainly  during religious ceremonies.



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